jTides 5.3

Predicts the tides and the currents with maximum accuracy
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Gathers the data from multiple sites and provides tides and currents prediction with great accuracy. Studies the tides for the United States as well as worldwide locations around the globe. Exports these predictions to other file formats where HTML is also included.

jTides 5.2 is a tide and current prediction program. The program predicts the tide and current based on the US database as well as database from worldwide locations. The graphs and comparisons can be used to make tests and for sampling as well. The utility uses a Java MDI application, which helps in generating graph for multiple locations at a single moment of time. The application helps to print graphic tidal charts, export databases, or create sets of HTML pages, each summarizing a month of tidal forecasts. The software can help in generating HTML pages by downloading to a PDA for a quick tidal reference in the field, or published on any Web site. The utility can be run on any possible computer. The application also predicts the tidal activity for a particular month. Forecasts can be done for specific date as well as time. One can choose from any of a large set of US and international tide and current prediction locations. The results can be modified in several ways.

This version 5.2 of jTides has experienced minor changes like the documentation was augmented, a bug was fixed regarding palmtop browser html pages, and changes to target new Java versions.

The application acts as an amazing prediction utility for navigators and sailors. It ensures accuracy based on certain parameters.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Results can be modified


  • The data may not be always accurate
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